Let's build together

We are building the next-generation family robots
to serve with the care we all seek!

best way to predict the future is to invent it.

The kind of work that is

Building intelligent robots from scratch means that we have a variety of work that gets done - autonomous navigation, perception pipelines, big data analytics, control engineering, product design, and engineering.
You can't build from scratch without getting your hands dirty. And the best way to learn and improve for us has been to just do the work.

The kind of place

Building a robot, building its cognitive capabilities is all well and good; but we are all here because we love what we do and want to do it well.


We believe that a company's culture is an embodiment of the individual values of its people. At Ogmen, we aren't looking for someone to just learn, adapt, and integrate into the company's culture but rather someone who is an organic personification of our way of working.

Makes Haste Slowly

Rapid in response, flexible to changes, and nimble in approach without compromising on the overall quality of work.

Thinks Rigorously

Develops solutions through an adequate mix of intuition, reason, and logic.

Trusts & Respects Others

Pushes the collective quality of thought to new limits while trusting and respecting others' skillsets and intentions.

Maintains Honesty & Transparency

Communicates with utmost clarity, while maintaining highest standards of candour.

Values Simplicity

Adopts simplicity as a clutter breaking mechanism to waste fewer resources and time.

Pursues Excellence

Strives for perfection, iteratively, to deliver work that is above and beyond accepted standards of excellence.

Our OpenRoles

We are a distributed, diverse team scattered across India and America.

Business Development
Marketing Manager Delhi Full Time
Regional Sales Lead USA Full Time
Robotics Engineer Delhi Full Time
AI/ML Engineer Delhi Full Time
Computer Vision Engineer Delhi Full Time
Software Development Engineer Delhi Full Time
iOS Developer Delhi Full Time
Embedded Systems Engineer Delhi Full Time
Mechanical Engineer Delhi Full Time
Systems Engineer Delhi Full Time
Full Stack Developer Delhi Full Time
Industrial Designer Delhi Full Time
UI/UX Designer Delhi Full Time
Graphics Designer Delhi Full Time