Let’s get under the hood!

Computer Vision
That Cares

Our robots use a custom-trained, deep-learning-powered Intelligent Perception Analyzer to develop acute emotional, social, and spatial awareness.

Localisation and Mapping

A tightly-coupled camera and LiDAR-based simultaneous localization and mapping system facilitates our robots to generate detailed indoor maps and dynamically avoid obstacles.

Be with your family
From Anywhere

Our robots facilitate active bidirectional communication with extremely low latency between you and your loved ones. They use WebRTC seamless streaming with AES128 to make sure your interactions always stay private.

Cloud in the SkAI
Enter our Digital Wonderland

Our custom-built cloud infrastructure facilitates a scenario data collection platform and also helps in regular maintenance. With powerful cloud intelligent service support for our robots, we are able to push new updates and upgrades regularly and easily.

Modern & Fluid
User Friendly Interfaces

Interact with and manage the robot through the intuitive and easy-to-use smartphone app. You can use the app to monitor, control, or summon the robot.

What happens in the
Family Stays in the Family

It is armed with state-of-the-art encryption algorithms to ensure that your privacy needs are taken care of. No one on SkAI's remote support team can access your communications or the live sensor feed over the cloud platform without your explicit permission. You are in absolute control of what you share with us.

Simple Modular
And Containerized Design

SkAI boasts a highly modular electromechanical design which enables it to receive easily installable hardware upgrades with minimal upgrade times.

Trailblaze into the Future

At Ogmen, we're unified by our passion for robotics and to build something new and required. We design and build robots with cognitive capabilities; introducing and pioneering new advancements in intelligent robotics for the consumer market.

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